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Scholarship for Introductory Course in Language Testing

The mission and charitable objectives of ALTE encompasses commitments to sustain diversity, promote quality standards, share best practice, raise awareness and provide training to the wider community as well as maximise positive impact.

One way of achieving this is to offer a scholarship in the form of a fee waiver to those who might otherwise be unable to attend ALTE courses.

The ALTE Introductory Course is intended for language assessment practitioners. It provides essential knowledge of the field, emphasising the practical application of testing and assessment theory. The course is designed to address learning outcomes at entry to Level 7 (Masters) of the European Qualifications Framework. The course is designed with the needs of ALTE members in mind, especially with regard to the need to meet the ALTE quality standards. It is also of interest to non-members of ALTE seeking to learn from best practice among members. The course is intended for participants who are actively engaged in test development and delivery at a practical level, but may have had relatively limited exposure to theory and scholarly debate.

The aims of the scholarship includes the following:

  • To extend knowledge of language assessment principles and best practice to the widest possible constituency of practitioners (promoting quality standards; sharing best practice)
  • To nurture the development of networks of language assessment professionals including, but not limited to ALTE members (raising awareness and providing training to the wider community)
  • To build on participants’ existing practical knowledge of assessment principles and techniques (maximising impact)
  • To promote the recognition, nurturing and sharing of a diversity of local expertise (sustaining diversity – ALTE members benefit from learning about practices inside and outside Europe)
  • To meet the stated needs of language learners and teachers (sharing best practice)
  • To stimulate critical and contextually sensitive thinking on language assessment and related issues (sustaining diversity, promoting good practice)
  • To promote the development of marginalized and under-represented groups (sustaining diversity, raising awareness, maximising positive impact)

The next session of the Introductory Course will take place from 16th September to 27th September 2024 (for more details see here). There is one scholarship position available. 

ALTE invites applicants for the scholarship for a fee waiver for this course,  by sending a letter addressed to the ALTE Services Unit, attached to an email sent to .

Scholarships will only be awarded to those who meet all, or most, of the criteria below. Your letter should be no more than one A4 page long in font size 11. Your application letter should clearly address why you believe you meet each of the following criteria, as reviewers will match the criteria with evidence found in your application:

  • You are a practising language assessment professional engaged (part- or full-time) in assessment design, delivery or evaluation (this could include people responsible for school, college or local institutional assessments as well as those working at a national/international level).
  • You can show you have limited access to sources of academic support (i.e. you do not hold qualifications or are not currently enrolled as students on courses in language assessment at Masters level or higher).
  • You can demonstrate engagement (or willingness to engage) with an existing professional community (e.g. a workplace) with whom you can share what you learn on the course.
  • You can demonstrate your suitability for the introductory level that the course is aimed at, in terms of your current level of knowledge and expertise, paying attention to why the different aspects of this course would be beneficial for you and the professional community you engage with.
  • You agree to participate full-time on the course, and have the appropriate time and equipment (e.g. stable internet connection, laptop/computer etc.) to be able to fully take part in the course.
  • You agree to provide a short report on the experience after the course has finished as a condition for the award.
  • Priority will be given to regions or sectors that have been marginal to the international language assessment community. This scholarship is therefore less suitable for employees of larger, established language testing organisations; and less suitable for those engaged in testing English or other widely-spoken languages.

Please also include your name, contact email address and mailing address.

All applications should be received by Wednesday, 31st July 2024. The winner of the scholarship for the course in September 2024 will be notified by Friday, 16th August 2024 at the latest. By sending in an application letter, you are agreeing that any personal data you provide may be shared by ALTE to those involved in the selection process (only). The decision of the selection committee is final. The winning applicant will be invited by ALTE to complete the registration process as soon as possible after notification that they have been awarded the scholarship.

 ALTE - the Association of Language Testers in Europe is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England, charity number 1184799.

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