Afiliarse a ALTE como institución

ALTE Institutional Affiliates are organisations with an interest and active involvement in language testing. They are not full members, and the quality of their tests cannot be guaranteed. However, they aspire to meet high standards of quality in language assessment.

Benefits of becoming an Institutional Affiliate include:

  • Use of the ALTE Institutional Affiliate logo
  • Listing on the ALTE website
  • Opportunity to collaborate on projects
  • Access to sections of the ALTE website
  • Invitation to attend ALTE biannual conferences and other events organised for Members and Affiliates
  • Reduced delegate rates at specified ALTE events and training seminars (courses)
  • The opportunity to receive, via email and post, ALTE communications
  • The opportunity to exhibit at appropriate ALTE events
  • The opportunity to work in ALTE Special Interest Groups
  • Opportunities to build international links through the ALTE network, including those of European institutions

In order to be an Institutional Affiliate, organisations must:

  • be a legal entity (legally registered in a country)
  • have read and agreed with the ALTE constitution
  • have an interest and active involvement in language testing
  • aspire to meet high standards of quality in language testing and adhere to ALTE's Principles of Good Practice

Procedure to become an Institutional Affiliate

1. Complete the ALTE Institutional Affiliate application form and prepare a supporting document with background information regarding the organisation, the work in relation to language testing, and the areas you hope to develop in the future through to your participation in ALTE.

2. The above documents shall be reviewed by the ALTE Board of Trustees, either during one of the bi-annual Board meetings or by email. The Board will decide whether the organisation is allowed to join ALTE as an Institutional Affiliate. The Board's decision is final. 

3. If the Board accepts your organisation, you will be asked to complete and sign the ALTE Institutional Affiliation agreement. If you would like to examine this document in advance, please contact the ALTE Secretariat.

4. Tras la recepción del documento (debidamente cumplimentado y firmado por el representante legal de la organización), la Secretaría general emitirá una factura correspondiente a la cuota anual de suscripción para instituciones afiliadas (500 ). El pago de la cuota de suscripción se efectuará al inicio del año natural. Si la organización firma el Acuerdo de condiciones de los socios institucionales de ALTE pasado el 30 de junio o ese mismo día, se emitirá una factura correspondiente a la mitad de la cuota anual (250 ) y se cobrará la cantidad habitual a partir del año siguiente. 

5. El pago de la cuota anual ha de efectuarse en el plazo establecido en la factura. Cualquier retraso en el pago de la cuota comprometerá su afiliación a ALTE y reducirá sus posibilidades de ser readmitido. 

Note: transfer of affiliation/membership is not usually permitted - but see the Rules on Transfer of Membership.

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